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Digital Planimetrics Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum building size?

All buildings over 100 square feet have been digitized.

What is the minimum parking lot size? 

All visible paved parking lots with at least 5 cars have been digitized. No gravel or dirt parking lots will be digitized.

What method is used to digitize? 

Heads-up digitizing, in which lines are traced by hand directly on the computer screen using the digital orthoimage as a backdrop, was used in conjunction with the 2007 digital orthoimagery.

What is the accuracy ? 

The accuracy of all digitized features matches the accuracy of the aerial photography used. Aerial photography from NCTCOG meets National Map Accuracy Standards at a map scale of 1 inch = 200 feet (1:2400). The photo scale is 1' = 1500' (1:18000).

Any control that was generated in the process of producing aerial photography will be made available to the vendor.

Who is the contracted vendor? 


 North Central Texas Council of Governments | 616 Six Flags Drive P.O. Box 5888 Arlington, TX 76005-5888
 Main Operator: (817) 640-3300 | Fax: (817) 640-7806